> File 27215: 'Rootwork'


This file contains photographs of documents that have been found at numerous unsolved homicide sites throughout the country. All of the sites were deep in the forest. All of the pages have been typewritten by a manual typewriter on the back of a playbill like the one depicted above. Some of the pages have playing cards attached to them. I have been unable to locate the Davis theater.

I have made an attempt to place the photos in order, even though there are several cases where non-consecutive pages have been found at the same location. I have never found a duplicate page.

The widespread distribution of the playbills may indicate that the homicides are connected to one person. It is my hope that by publishing these pages someone might come forward with more information. I have expunged many details because these homicide cases are ongoing. In addition, the State Department directed that I redact portions of pages 1, 17, 18, and 24 as well as the specific coordinates of the sites where each of the pages were found.

Agent Michael Ferrar, F.B.I.